W2S2 [sɔft US so:ft] adj comparative softer superlative softest
1¦(not hard)¦
2¦(not rough)¦
3¦(not loud)¦
5¦(no hard edges)¦
7¦(not strict)¦
9¦(weak character)¦
11 soft loan/credit
12 soft money
13¦(too easy)¦
14¦(weak body)¦
16 have a soft spot for somebody
17 a soft touch
18 soft in the head
20 be soft on somebody
[: Old English; Origin: softe]
1.) ¦(NOT HARD)¦
a) not hard, firm, or stiff, but easy to press
≠ ↑hard
My feet sank into the soft ground.
the softest sofa and pillows
Cook the onions until they go soft .
b) less hard than average
≠ ↑hard
a soft lead pencil
soft cheese
2.) ¦(NOT ROUGH)¦
having a surface that is smooth and pleasant to touch
≠ ↑rough
a baby's soft skin
The fur was soft to the touch.
3.) ¦(NOT LOUD)¦
a soft sound, voice, or music is quiet and pleasant to listen to
≠ ↑loud, harsh ↑harsh
soft music
His voice was softer now.
4.) ¦(COLOUR/LIGHT)¦ [only before noun]
soft colours or lights are pleasant and relaxing because they are not too bright
≠ ↑bright
All the stores will be re-fitted with softer lighting.
a soft shade of peach
not having any hard edges or sharp angles
soft curves
6.) ¦(RAIN/WIND)¦
gentle and without much force
a soft breeze
soft rain
7.) ¦(NOT STRICT)¦
someone who is soft seems weak because they are not strict enough with other people
≠ ↑strict, tough ↑tough
If you appear to be soft, people take advantage of you.
soft on
No politician wants to seem soft on crime .
Courts have been taking a soft line (=not being strict enough) with young offenders.
kind, gentle, and sympathetic to other people
≠ ↑hard
He has a soft heart beneath that cold exterior.
a soft kiss
not very brave and not having a strong character
≠ ↑hard
Don't be soft - just jump!
decreasing in price, value, or the amount sold
soft oil prices
11.) soft loan/credit
money that is lent at a lower interest rate than usual, because it will be used to help people in some way
12.) soft money
money that people, companies, or organizations give to political parties, rather than to a particular ↑candidate
13.) ¦(TOO EASY)¦ informal
a soft job, life etc is too easy and does not involve much work or hard physical work
Mike's found himself a soft job in the stores.
soft option
BrE (=a choice that allows you to avoid difficulties or hard work)
Taking the soft option won't help your career to develop.
14.) ¦(WEAK BODY)¦ informal
having a body that is not in a strong physical condition, because you do not do enough exercise
He'd got soft after all those years in a desk job.
15.) ¦(WATER)¦
soft water does not contain many minerals, so that it forms bubbles from soap easily
16.) have a soft spot for sb
to continue to like someone even when they do not behave well
She's always had a soft spot for Grant.
17.) a soft touch informal
someone from whom you can easily get what you want, because they are kind or easy to deceive
18.) soft in the head
old-fashioned very stupid or crazy
19.) ¦(STUPID)¦
BrE stupid or silly
You must be soft if you think I'll give you fifty quid!
20.) be soft on sb
old-fashioned to be sexually attracted to someone
technical not sounding hard
a soft g
>softly adv
She stroked his head softly.
Music played softly in the background.
>softness n [U]
soft and pleasant to touch: velvety, fluffy, silky
soft and easily crushed: squashy, squishy
soft and wet: mushy, squelchy (BrE informal)
soft and good to eat: tender

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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